My father started watching The Walking Dead and now he is a Caryl Shipper. In season two, when Daryl fought with Carol, my father said: “He’s doing it because he does not know how to deal with what he feels for her.”

Awn I love my dad.

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Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus = McReedus!!!

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This is the cutest thing bye i’m done

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Meanwhile in Atlanta…


Let me just say- i don’t care what they’re doing, where they are, or who else is there. THEY ARE TOGETHER. And that is all that matters. And that is good.

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Carol & Daryl, back together again.  Filming in Atlanta 7.2.14.  And check out the firepower Carol is sporting.  New sniper in town?  **Photo credit to Travis Dunn**

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WHAT!!?? I go write an exam and come back to a dash filled with these!

I swear I can hear him going “gonna take my hand or what?”

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Melissa and Norman are filming together. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Finally some Caryl scenes again.

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"Working with Melissa, she just gets me, Norman, as a person and I got very lucky with having scenes early on with her. She’s, kind of a window into her mind. You kind of just have to look at her and feel her. And we did that back and forth very well. We have very good chemistry, she and I."

— Norman Reedus, Gold Derby chat Source: X (via ikkleosu)
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Hater: Daryl won’t want to see Carol again because she changed, now she is a murder, she is not good for him blablablah.
NR: She’s definately one of the tope ones that he’ll be excited to be reunited with. 

Hater: Daryl doesn’t really care about her. / He doesn’t love her. / She doesn’t mean anything to him.
NR: He’s always protected her. He’s always had a soft spot for her, and he’s always looked after her. I think he recognizes a lot of himself in her. I think he would do anything to keep her alive, and keep her safe. 

Hater: There is nothing between them. 
NR: It’s a very close bond between those two. 

Hater: Carol couldn’t bring up the best in him.
My character changed a lot when they put us together. And it’s because of her. 

Hater: But Norman and Melissa aren’t that close.
I feel free to be vulnerable in front of her because she gets me, like she’s my buddy. 


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