Sometimes she would close her eyes and dream of him, but it was never Jorah Mormont she dreamed of; her lover was always younger and more comely, though his face remained a shifting shadow.

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what you are given
can't be forgotten
and never forsaken (x)
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My father started watching The Walking Dead and now he is a Caryl Shipper. In season two, when Daryl fought with Carol, my father said: “He’s doing it because he does not know how to deal with what he feels for her.”

Awn I love my dad.

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Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus = McReedus!!!

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This is the cutest thing bye i’m done

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Meanwhile in Atlanta…


Let me just say- i don’t care what they’re doing, where they are, or who else is there. THEY ARE TOGETHER. And that is all that matters. And that is good.

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Carol & Daryl, back together again.  Filming in Atlanta 7.2.14.  And check out the firepower Carol is sporting.  New sniper in town?  **Photo credit to Travis Dunn**

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WHAT!!?? I go write an exam and come back to a dash filled with these!

I swear I can hear him going “gonna take my hand or what?”

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