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Staring: Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and AJ Cook
Song: Notion - Kings of Leon

- I got a notion to say what doesn’t feel right
Got an answer in your story today

Three different stories that end up finding the same way to finish.
In January 2012, Oscar Brandon (Thomas Gibson) ends up hit by a shot doing his work on the NYC PD; The shootout, leaves him in a coma for exactly one month.
When he finally awake from the coma, he tells for his wife, Elizabeth (Paget Brewster), all the ‘dreams’ he had when he wasunconscious. The visions of natural disasters happening, leaving most of the world on total destruction.Making sure that such events will happen, Oscar insists on taking his wife out of the U.S., which place he believe to be the first local being hit for the disasters, but Elizbeth is a renowned lawyer and a skeptical wife, and she not belive on the ‘visions’ and and thinks he are on a delirious mode after the coma .

Meanwhile Elizabeth’s father, Nolan Marshall (Joe mantegna), a senior parliamentary government of the United States is being investigated by Federal Agent Scott Egbert (Shemar Moore) who will do everything to prove that the politician
is a corrupt man and needs to be stopped.Besides trying to escape the charges, Nolan believes that his adopted son, Peter Marshal (MGG), is involved with drugs and tries to stop him.
Peter hates politics and try to be independent with his art and paintings. He encounter Amber Colton (AJ Cook), a recovering addict, in the ‘twelve steps’ reunions, and soon falls in love for her, trying to everything to help her get rid of the drugs addiction.

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